Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 34

 On the streets of Saltillo
 Jeff loves the mountains in Saltillo
 Taking a break!
 Happy Valentine's Day!
 Studying in a cold house!
Viewing church videos on the "big screen"!
 Domino's!! Yum!
No more horses...just trains!

Happy Valentines Day!! 

This was a wonderful week here in Salitllo! I hope everyone had a great week and enjoyed Valentines day! 

Elder Smith and I are doing so well here in Saltillo! We have seriously seen so many miracles and had wonderful moments! This coming week will be tough! I have a lot of things to prepare for! I have to give a one hour training for 8 other missionaries tomorrow in my district meeting, on Friday we have a ward "Family Home Evening" that we, the missionaries are putting on, and then I am speaking in Church on Sunday! So much to do, and I love it! 

This week, we had a couple of great experiences. First of all, I want to make an official announcement that I have received my second marriage proposal of my mission! In honor of Valentines day of course! This time it was a little strange because the proposal was with a 17 year old instead of the 55 year old proposal that I received in Piedras Negras. Anyway, to make a long story short, we were with a new family of investigators, and the mother started asking if we were married and we said no. Then she asked if we, my companion and I, wanted to marry her niece and daughter and take them back to the United States with us. It was all in good fun and nobody was serious but at least I got my second invitation. I think it would be nice to finish with five so I have options when I come home :) 

On the more spiritual side, we had perhaps the most powerful lesson of my mission with our investigators named William and Mayda! They are so great! We taught about baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end! The Bishop and first counselor in ward were both present in the lesson! (Another shout out to the Corona ward here, they work super hard). This mother and son accepted a baptism date for the 28th of February so we are working hard to get them ready for this date! 

We had another lesson, with another family of investigators where they started calling me, Elder Chicle, and my companion, Elder Chiflado. Chicle means gum in Spanish and Chiflado means spoiled,misbehaving child. They call me Elder Chicle because it is easier to pronounce my last name, Shipley, if I tell them it sounds like "chicle". The reason that my companion is named Elder Chiflado is that to give a simple example of repentance, I tell investigators that my companion doesn't wash his dishes in the morning.  I then explain that I reprimand him every morning, which requires the process of repentance. It's just an example, however, I am fairly certain that the only thing some investigators learn from my example is that my companion is spoiled/rotten or chiflado. :)

I just wanted to share one scripture. In 1 John, chapter 4, verse 8, it says "he that loveth not, knoweth not God, for GOD IS LOVE"

I love this verse because I always try to remember to have charity and love for every person I meet or teach. Remember that God is love, and that He loves us. Let's find time to remember his love and show our love for Him. After all, he sent his only begotten Son here to Earth to suffer for our sins. The sacrifice of our Savior makes it possible that one day we can return to live with him. Through our faith, repentance, pray, study in the scriptures, and attendance at church and at the temple, we can show how much we love him.

I truly love the Obra Misional, training a new missionary, and helping others come unto Christ. We also had 2 families of investigators at Church yesterday! What more can you ask for on Valentine's day? 

Much love,
Elder Shipley 

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