Friday, May 26, 2017

Week 99

 Late Night trip to the office
 Someone has to keep things moving!
 Dinner with Lalo and Gabi!
 Selfie with the Gonzalez Family
 Decorating the office
 Elder Ray's last day in the office.  8 months side by side.
 After basketball with the office crew
Training Elder Atwood!

I was planning on sending a letter yesterday like normal, but when we were halfway done with the hour and a half we have to write every week when the power in the office shut off and didn't come back. Turns out that someone crashed into the power line outside the office and knocked out the power in the office and in all of the surrounding internet cafes so we left to go run a few errands. 

To be very brief, this past week went very well! We are working hard to talk with everyone we can and invite all unto Christ. This past week we taught our neighbor Elsa and her kids and they went to church on Sunday! They said they loved it! We have also had lots of success teaching a couple named Felix and Faviola. They are loving the Book of Mormon and could be baptized on June 3rd! Let's hope they can be ready by then! 

This upcoming week will be my last here in Saltillo. It's strange to think about it but I will do my best to enjoy it and not be trunky. :) We are going to work super hard until the very end to make sure Elder Atwood is ready to take my place as secretary and to baptize! 

I love you all! Thanks for your support and love! 

Elder Shipley 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Week 98

 Elder Atwood and Jeffrey on the streets.
 Jeffrey and Recardo at church.
 Skype Call on Mothers Day!
 Jeffrey and Elder Ray with the Virgin of Guadalupe
 Jeffrey, Elder Ray and St. Judas
Jeffrey, Elder Ray and a "homie" from Venezuela.  

This week has been pretty good! Elder Atwood and I have been working super hard in the office to get him all trained up! He is learning quickly but we have had so many issues with the business invoices that we have to get and the missionary reimbursements that we do. I guess it is good practice and training for Elder Atwood so he be confident after I leave but it has been a ton of work in the office. 

Today is Elder Ray's last P-day in the office. Elder Ray has been the records secretary since September and has done a great job. We have sat next to each other in the office for the past 8 months so we are basically best friends.  On Monday, he will be heading to a different area and no longer be responsible for the baptismal records and other things but I will sure miss him! We are going bowling soon to have fun for the last! 

The most spiritual moment of this past week was a fabulous lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon with a couple named Felix and Fabiola and their kids. They have so many deep questions about repentance and the plan of salvation! It is a pleasure to teach them and share verses from that powerful, and true testimony of Jesus Christ. We hope they can be baptized the first Saturday in June! 

I am super happy! I love the trio I am currently in.  I told my family on Sunday in the Skype call that this is on of the happiest companionships I have ever had.  We are always joking around and having a blast. I feel very blessed that Our Heavenly Father has given me the chance to serve and to spend time with Elder Atwood and Elder Olvera during the last few weeks. 

Have a great week! 
Elder Shipley 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Week 97

 Brazilian Steak House 
 Everyone full and happy outside the restaurant!
 Elder Morano and Elder Gomez.  They have gone home now. 
 Dogs on the roof!  With no yards...they are up on roofs a lot!
 Elder Atwood the new trainee.
Keep working trainee!!

Happy Thursday and happy p-day!  For the first time on my mission I am having my p-day on a Thursday!  It's a little strange, but we are going to take advantage of it!  We are heading to a place with a bunch of trampolines to play dodgeball and do flips for a little while!  Afterwards, we are heading to downtown Saltillo to eat super good Gringas and buy some souvenirs!  

This week was very fast! Shockingly fast! The most important thing that has happened this past week was a change of plans here in the office! I received a call from the President on Sunday night informing me that Elder Crow, the current materials secretary who I was training to be the next financial secretary, is going to stay as the materials secretary for next change. He then told me that Elder Atwood, a super young missionary from Arizona, has been called as the next financial secretary! I was super excited to hear the news!!!! Elder Atwood is super cool and a future star of this mission! It will be a privilege to be in a trio with him and Elder Olvera for these last few weeks. 

We are still working with Luz and her son Elliot so they can be baptized on May 27th or on June 3rd! They are so awesome!! Tomorrow we have a zone conference and then an interview with the President on Saturday.  Then on Sunday, it's Mother's Day!

Thank you for all of your support and prayers! I am very happy and content. I am enjoying every minute and doing my best to help the wonderful people of Saltillo to know our Savior a little better. In the process, I am learning so much and loving every day. Have a great Mother's day!

All love!
Elder Shipley  

Friday, May 5, 2017

Week 96

 At home
 Training Elder Crow! 
 You better do it right!
On the streets with the foursome
Elder Smith in the background

I hope you have all had a great week! This past week in Saltillo was pretty busy! Now that we are 4 missionaries living in the same house and 6 working in the same ward, we have been doing lots of divisions. We have found a ton of new people to teach and are seeing a lot of success on our ward!

In the morning, I continue training Elder Crow to be the next financial secretary. He is doing really well and even improving a few of the things I used to do! He is a great guy.  

We are still teaching Armando, Mitchel, and they are doing well! Both of them started working and have a lot of projects to do for their last year of high school so it is getting harder to teach them. The good news is that last night, Elder Smith, Elder Olvera, and I taught a single mother named Luz that is so awesome!!! We are so excited to teach her and hope she gets baptized soon this month or next!

I love the mission! 

Elder Shipley