Thursday, May 11, 2017

Week 97

 Brazilian Steak House 
 Everyone full and happy outside the restaurant!
 Elder Morano and Elder Gomez.  They have gone home now. 
 Dogs on the roof!  With no yards...they are up on roofs a lot!
 Elder Atwood the new trainee.
Keep working trainee!!

Happy Thursday and happy p-day!  For the first time on my mission I am having my p-day on a Thursday!  It's a little strange, but we are going to take advantage of it!  We are heading to a place with a bunch of trampolines to play dodgeball and do flips for a little while!  Afterwards, we are heading to downtown Saltillo to eat super good Gringas and buy some souvenirs!  

This week was very fast! Shockingly fast! The most important thing that has happened this past week was a change of plans here in the office! I received a call from the President on Sunday night informing me that Elder Crow, the current materials secretary who I was training to be the next financial secretary, is going to stay as the materials secretary for next change. He then told me that Elder Atwood, a super young missionary from Arizona, has been called as the next financial secretary! I was super excited to hear the news!!!! Elder Atwood is super cool and a future star of this mission! It will be a privilege to be in a trio with him and Elder Olvera for these last few weeks. 

We are still working with Luz and her son Elliot so they can be baptized on May 27th or on June 3rd! They are so awesome!! Tomorrow we have a zone conference and then an interview with the President on Saturday.  Then on Sunday, it's Mother's Day!

Thank you for all of your support and prayers! I am very happy and content. I am enjoying every minute and doing my best to help the wonderful people of Saltillo to know our Savior a little better. In the process, I am learning so much and loving every day. Have a great Mother's day!

All love!
Elder Shipley  

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