Friday, May 5, 2017

Week 96

 At home
 Training Elder Crow! 
 You better do it right!
On the streets with the foursome
Elder Smith in the background

I hope you have all had a great week! This past week in Saltillo was pretty busy! Now that we are 4 missionaries living in the same house and 6 working in the same ward, we have been doing lots of divisions. We have found a ton of new people to teach and are seeing a lot of success on our ward!

In the morning, I continue training Elder Crow to be the next financial secretary. He is doing really well and even improving a few of the things I used to do! He is a great guy.  

We are still teaching Armando, Mitchel, and they are doing well! Both of them started working and have a lot of projects to do for their last year of high school so it is getting harder to teach them. The good news is that last night, Elder Smith, Elder Olvera, and I taught a single mother named Luz that is so awesome!!! We are so excited to teach her and hope she gets baptized soon this month or next!

I love the mission! 

Elder Shipley 

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