Friday, May 26, 2017

Week 99

 Late Night trip to the office
 Someone has to keep things moving!
 Dinner with Lalo and Gabi!
 Selfie with the Gonzalez Family
 Decorating the office
 Elder Ray's last day in the office.  8 months side by side.
 After basketball with the office crew
Training Elder Atwood!

I was planning on sending a letter yesterday like normal, but when we were halfway done with the hour and a half we have to write every week when the power in the office shut off and didn't come back. Turns out that someone crashed into the power line outside the office and knocked out the power in the office and in all of the surrounding internet cafes so we left to go run a few errands. 

To be very brief, this past week went very well! We are working hard to talk with everyone we can and invite all unto Christ. This past week we taught our neighbor Elsa and her kids and they went to church on Sunday! They said they loved it! We have also had lots of success teaching a couple named Felix and Faviola. They are loving the Book of Mormon and could be baptized on June 3rd! Let's hope they can be ready by then! 

This upcoming week will be my last here in Saltillo. It's strange to think about it but I will do my best to enjoy it and not be trunky. :) We are going to work super hard until the very end to make sure Elder Atwood is ready to take my place as secretary and to baptize! 

I love you all! Thanks for your support and love! 

Elder Shipley 

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