Friday, December 23, 2016

Week 77 -Merry Christmas!

 The office Christmas Tree, the office secretaries, assistants and the President of the Mission
 Jeffrey and Elder Damuni, a new elder...who is going to play football at Utah State.  Yes, Jeffrey talked tons of college football with him!
 Opening their candy/letter advent that Grandma Jensen sent him.
 Free ice skating P-day activity.
 Carts out in the square.
Another favorite P-day activity...bowling!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve tomorrow and a very merry Christmas on Sunday! Tomorrow I will hit 18 months here in Mexico! I am about to begin the last 6 months! This past week has been a blast! I wish I had more time to tell you all about the awesome experiences Elder Lopez and I have had but I don't have a lot of time so I will be brief. 

First of all, we are going to have a very warm Christmas here in Saltillo! Today I wore a short sleeve shirt the whole day and got sunburned! Last year, when I was in Piedras Negras, right on the border with Texas, Christmas was pretty cold and wet. It'll sure be weird to be sunburned on Christmas.

The funniest moment of last week was when several other elders and I were in the bed of a pick up truck traveling back home after the several wards had their Christmas parties in the stake center. One elder unwisely accepted a Styrofoam cup full of beans as he was getting into the bed of the truck and during the ride back home the truck hit a bump and all of the beans flew up in the air! I ended up wiping beans off of my clothes and face the rest of the way home. It was rather uncomfortable and yucky but we all died laughing. 

The most fun moment(s) of the past week were going ice skating twice with the assistants and other secretaries. There is a free ice skating rink here in Saltillo and we have taken full advantage the last two P-days. It is quite a sight to see a bunch of missionaries in their ties skating with many locals from Saltillo who have never skated in their life. The six of us started off pretty rusty, but after a while, we had a lot of fun racing and even falling down! 

The most spiritual moment of the week was one of the most powerful lessons of my entire mission. This past Tuesday, President Cahoon and his wife came with us to teach Mara and her son Oscar. The lesson was absolutely fabulous. We talked about the plan of Salvation and the reason why we are here on the earth. Mara started crying while the President was sharing his testimony and she mentioned that she wants to get baptized so she can be a shining light for her family and help them return to God. It was such a special lesson! We are hoping that Mara can get baptized next Saturday, December 31st! That would be an awesome way to start out 2017!

Have a very merry Christmas! Thank you for your love and support!

Elder Shipley  

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