Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 21

 Walking on top of the area
 Jeff and his companion
Jeff, his companion and the the awesome Med Student who lives near.
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Dear Family and Friends, 

I finished another great week here in Piedras Negras! We had lots of great lessons and some cool moments. This week, we talked a lot about Enduring to the End. But first, I want to share a few of the funny moments that I had this week. 

1. On Wednesday night, I ate chicken neck for the first time..... I honestly was not a big fan. 
2. On Saturday, we had a house disappear on us. My companion and I walked the same street 4 times, made sure that it was the right street, and still couldn't find the house where we had a teaching appointment. I am still totally confused how we lost a house and an appointment. It's like the house just disappeared.

On Sunday, I taught Elders Quorum, because the teacher didn't show up, and I also taught Gospel Principles with another Elder from Arizona. It was super cool to see how far I have come the past 3.5 months here in Piedras Negras! 

Tomorrow, we have splits, and I am going to be working with Elder Wheeler from Utah. He just left the MTC two weeks ago so he doesn't understand many people. He is still training too so I get to be a trainer for the day!!! I am so excited!

I am doing really well! Lots of lessons and my Spanish has really improved a lot this transfer. We are going to see how good I really am tomorrow! I love the mission and the work I am doing here! The Gospel is true and Jesus loves us! 

All the best,
Elder Shipley 

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