Friday, March 10, 2017

Week 88

 The Zone
 White Calves!
 Elder Leon and Jeffrey.  He goes home on Wednesday
The four secretaries for the past 6 months
 The "office staff"
 G Q???
 Elder Smith and Jeffrey
 Making Tortilla's with Mara
 P-day Hoop!
P-day bowling!

Hello Family and Friends!  

This past week has been pretty good! Last Saturday I was sick and threw up twice in the morning and slept almost the whole day... but I woke up Sunday at 6:30 am just like normal and I felt great! I know that the Lord blesses His missionaries! 

The past week I have been in a trio with Elder Olvera from California. He is super young on the mission! He is barely completing his second month. Elder Lopez is training him to be the next executive secretary because he will be leaving the office this upcoming week and head back out to the field. We also had fun yesterday with leadership council here in Saltillo! We ate Gorditas for breakfast with Mara (she taught me how to make the tortilla dough) and they were super good! 

I can't wait for tomorrow!!!!!! Two of the most powerful and converted individuals I have ever met, Lalo and Gabi, will be married and baptized, along with their daughter, tomorrow afternoon. I almost can't believe that they are finally getting baptized. They started going to church in August of last year and due to both of them needing to get divorced, they haven't been able to get baptized. However, after they finished their baptismal interviews on Tuesday night, they told us with tears rolling down their cheeks that this Saturday finally was the day. I had never felt so excited, relieved, and grateful that they are finally able to achieve their dream of getting married and baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ. 

I will write next week more about the experience and the changes that are coming up this Monday! We have lots to do this weekend! Have a great week! 

All love,
Elder Shipley 

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