Friday, March 24, 2017

Week 90

This was the day that Elder Lopez left for Piedras Negras after church.  Elder Lopez and I baptized everyone in this picture over the past 4 months!  I love them all so much!

Hello family and friends!! I hope you are all enjoying March and March madness! My brother finally sent me bracket a few minutes ago…. I hadn’t seen the bracket yet and it’s almost the elite eight! The good thing is I didn’t care too much, I guess that’s what happens after 21 months on the mission. 

Elder Olvera and I have had a very calm week here in Saltillo. Elder Lopez left Saltillo on Sunday and headed to Piedras Negras to train a new missionary. Elder Lopez and I had 6 months together. It’s truly amazing when you think that I had 4 companions in 4 changes when I started my mission in Piedras Negras and just finished 4 changes with the same companion here in Valle de las Flores. We were together for a very long time and had wonderful success. 

My companionship with Elder Olvera is very different than what Elder Lopez and I had. To start, Elder Olvera is still in his missionary training, in fact, I am his step dad! Every night, from 9:30 to 10, we do the 12 week training program for missionaries! I was always hoping that I would be able to train to finish my mission and now I have that chance! I wasn’t expecting to still be a secretary…because now we have like no time...but we do the best we can. 

Highlights of the week were: 
1.       Hitting 6 out of 9 free throws in one minute with a blindfold over my eyes in a district training on Tuesday.
2.  Going to the gym at 5:45 every morning this week.  I literally haven't been to the gym in YEARS! 2 years to  be exact haha!  Elder Olvera used to be a gym rat, like he went 3 times a day in Hight ssschool, so he is helping me get my summer bod. 
3.       Hearing that Lalo, Gabi, Renata, Rocio, and Karen are all going to the temple with our ward tomorrow! I am so happy that they are all progressing and loving the gospel after their baptisms! 
Have a great week! All love!
Elder Shipley 

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