Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 15

Dear family and friends, 

This week felt like 2 different weeks for me. I had lots of interesting and unique experiences. 

The first part of the week was so tough!! It was 90 degrees and sunny again. It was really strange to be applying sunscreen in October.... haha I hope I never have to do it ever again. 

I recieved my first marriage offer of my mission!!!! I was so flattered! One of our investigators asked me if I was married, I said no of course. She then asked me when we could get married and if I would be so inclined.  Haha it was great, of course she was joking and is also like 50 years old... but it still counts in my book. I will have my fingers crossed that I have more marriage offers in the future!

Elder Alcala and I have had a ton of success in our area! We sent goals as a zone last week, and I compared the numbers that Elder Alcala and I had accumulated and I was shocked. Not that numbers are important, because at the end of the day the Lord hopes that I as a missionary can help other people come unto Christ, however, I was very proud. We had 21 out of the 48 new investigators for our zone and 40% of the contacts. My zone leader said that Elder Alcala and I were putting out the same kind of numbers as entire zones in Saltillo. We are working hard!!! 

However, despite the tough start to the week, the heat, the fact that we didnt buy any food last monday so I was hungry all week.... haha my comp had no money so he told me we werent going to buy food... cant wait until I am a senior comp!! We will buy food this week though so all is well. 

This weekend was incredible! Conference was great! I loved President Uchdorf's talk on how the Gospel can work for each one of us in our lives and bring blessings. It is so true!! The Gospel is so great and I would encourage all of you  to immerse yourself more deeply in it. I also LOVED Elder Holland's talk on the love of Mothers, it was so powerful. Later, Elder Oaks, if I remember correctly, spoke about the Atonement, spefically, Alma 7: 11-14, it was awesome! I would really encourage all of you to read those verses and reflect on our savior Jesus Christ and how he can bring joy and peace to your life. 

All the best,
Elder Shipley

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