Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 14

 Jeff's house!  It's Sea Hawks green!  The car isn't his! :)
 A ward member lives near by and is going to med school in Mexico.  Jeff and his companion are good practice patients on their way home.
 A Sunday morning in Piedras Negras with Elder Alcala.

Dear Family and friends, 

This week I will hit the 2 months mark here in Piedras Negras! Super crazy! I will also hit 100 days on the mission! Triple digits! Everyone was right; the mission does go by fast. I truly have learned a ton though. This week was really good! I absolutely love my companion, Elder Alcala; his 23 months of experience are helping me become the best missionary I can be.  My last companion taught me how to clean with Clorox, how to iron well and he taught me a TON of doctrine from the bible.  Elder Alcala teaches me how to simply teach people to understand. Teaching is so fun with Elder Alcala! 

I am doing really really well with the language. Seriously, I feel really encouraged. I just try to soak up as much as I can from Elder Alcala because he was just the Assistant to the mission president and is going home in 4 weeks! It's crazy! We have a couple of investigators with baptismal dates and we reactivated a inactive family of 7 this week.  They came to church yesterday and the spirit was so strong there! 

I am super excited for General Conference this upcoming weekend! I would encourage you all to watch as many sessions as you can and bring a list of questions or difficulties you may have and try to listen for answers to your questions. I know that if pray for personal revelation, with true and sincere desire, the Holy Ghost will guide us and help us receive the answers we need. We also have a special chance to see 3 new Apostles be called! I have a strong testimony of continuous revelation between Prophets and God in these latter days. I hope you all take advantage of the chance to listen to the guidance we need in our lives. 


Elder Shipley

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