Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 62 -Music saves the day!

 Catholic Church in Arteaga built in 1790
 Jeffrey on His apartment roof.
 A stream running though Arteaga
Luis and his family 
 Enjoying the stream

Riding in a truck with a family of "crazy kids!"

Dear Family and Friends!
This was another solid week here in Saltillo! My companion, Elder Marin, and I are really getting to know the area and finally got to meet the ward and the members yesterday in church so we are feeling more comfortable by the day. Also, we had a wonderful baptism of Luis last Saturday morning! 

Just a quick update on Luis.  Luis is 14 years old and has been attending church for the past month and decided to get baptized last Saturday! He is a great kid and has been going to church alone, walking every Sunday to attend. I have been really impressed by him and his commitment to follow Our Savior. He said the major reason why he wanted to get baptized is to receive a forgiveness of sins and to have the presence and company of the Holy Ghost to guide him every day! I love hanging out with this kid and we are working to get his parents married and attending church so they can also enjoy the blessings of baptism and the presence of the Holy Ghost. 

I want to give my parents, especially my mom, a big shout out and thank you for making it possible that I could learn how to play piano when I was in Elementary and middle school. On Sunday morning, before church started, I had an experience that made me very grateful! 

The story actually started on Saturday morning when I meet the Bishop here in the Aurora Ward. Bishop Duran only speaks to me in English to practice his near fluent English.  After the baptism, I asked the Bishop if there was a ward member that always played piano on Sundays in church or if he would like me to play. He said that usually nobody plays, so it would be great if I could pick the hymns and play on Sunday. I was totally cool with it and picked the hymns to make sure I was ready. 

On Sunday morning, we had a meeting with the ward mission leader and the Bishop walked in and told us that he had to leave to the Emergency Room because his first counselor was in critical condition. He told us, my companion and 2 other missionaries who also work in the Aurora ward, that the missionaries would have to speak in sacrament meeting with only an hour to prepare. 

The Bishop was going to ask me to speak since I am new in the ward but then remembered that I had volunteered to play piano. He ended up asking the other three missionaries to speak and I got to relax and enjoy their talks during Sacrament meeting. 

I learned about the importance of not hiding your talents and always being willing to help and serve. Perhaps, if I had not offered to play piano on Saturday morning, I would have had to give a talk on Sunday, and let's face it, nobody wants to speak in church. :) 

Many of us are blessed with unique or extraordinary skills or talents and the Lord provides a way to let us use those gifts for the benefit of others and ourselves! Always let your light shine and use your talents to bless the lives of others! Also, the Bishop told me he is going to get an electric piano to put in my house so now I will practice everyday! Also, I am quickly planning and hoping for what should be an epic 5 AM basketball game this Thursday morning between my companion and I and the Assistants before the mission leadership meeting. Let's hope we can wake up that early!

Love the mission! Hope you are all well!
Thanks for the support!
Elder Shipley 

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